TOP 5 BEST Builder Hall 5 Base w/ PROOF! +3300 CUPS! | CoC BH5 Builder Base Designs | Clash of Clans

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  1. Thanks Jaso for all the bases it got me really high in trophies?

  2. #1 is beast!!!

  3. Bh6 base plz

  4. 9:20 is spanish jajajjajjaja

  5. thx Jason i have 3000 trophys n 4th builder also

  6. Can I join your clan

  7. good bases but if you're not good in attacking it's useless too, im just saying.

  8. #1

  9. hey jaso are builder hall 5 or 6?

  10. wheres the rophie proof you fucking cunt

  11. #1

  12. #2

  13. I'm a bh5 and i was at 3000 trophies before the update came out but those bh6 gemmers just keep wrecking me and now i'm currently at 2700 so i hope one of these bases works well

  14. Base #3 was by far the most unsettling for people with OCD.

  15. watch this vidio

  16. Can you Pinn me please, You are Awesome Base Designer

  17. Jaso is cant get higher dan 2100 trophies please help me

  18. no more bh5 now only bh6??

  19. jaso i subcribed ur channel now plz subcribe my channel

  20. i think i choose #1 cuz simple and… op only 1 star

    but i didnt try da base :v

  21. Nice vid, Great music, good content KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DOING??

  22. As a beginner of bh 6 I only had extra archer tower and a crusher , no roaster yet . Then I made up a base and it worked really well , I was at 2976 , and the base I made make me go up to 3700 trophies , people get one star in my base and others don't get a star because it was way too good . But I hope u read this and I'll show it to you in twitter jaso

  23. love your ????? I'm hitting that LIKE BUTTON!!!! ????????????????

  24. Thanks jaso for making these vids I really enjoy them ?

  25. Jason can you make a th8 trophy pushing base with bomb tower

  26. this base(#1) is the most common and it sucks big time. Can 3 star by mass BD. Just troll top lvl player or clan and copy der base. Simple!!

  27. Good

  28. 5