Top 5 Best TH9 AMAZING Attacks of the YEAR! | Clash of Clans

  1. Which one was your fav?

  2. #1 is versus the gay retard base. I can smash that base with almost any th9 army. The best attacks of the year would be th9's picking off low th10s. It's possible bc i used to do it.

  3. meow

  4. Hi

  5. Just awesome..

  6. I think number 5attack is the best attack for the 9 love from Bangladesh

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  8. I want to join u r clan

  9. Totally awesome…well planned and executed too…hats off

  10. hey. which is the best I repeat "THE BEST" army for th9. 3 star

  11. gd

  12. 5 golem is the best

  13. Meow is the best attacker I’ve ever seen on coc much respect

  14. You r my favorite YouTuber

  15. Who can give me lvl4 clan

  16. hey the second one is my attack

  17. boring

  18. Your content is amazing! You really deserve more views man

  19. I like everything

  20. I wish I could attack like them…..

  21. cool!

  22. nice

  23. You should make a top of the 10 cards you most hate facing in clash royale and why, greetings for you

  24. i like the top 1 attack it awesome

  25. Hell yeah a wicked hat awesome

  26. The best

  27. I like the dragon attacks

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  29. Wow Meow!!

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  31. Awesome video! But i would like to see some th10 3 attacks!

  32. Awesome Attacks!especially the one from Meow ,he was also NR.1 in the lasy top 5?

  33. Where's meow… just love the way he attacks!!

  34. Could I join x loyal I am th 9 Indian player and lvl 14 queen

  35. I'd live to see a video on farming at TH10. TH10 upgrade priority list. Would be glad if you make video on this

  36. Nice one

  37. No 1 is best

  38. #wickedarmy

  39. It depends on the base

  40. Wicked gaming ??

  41. I like gowibo and gowipe

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  43. Great

  44. 1st like and comment

  45. Nice video sir