Town Hall 11 – What to Upgrade Next? Clash of Clans

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  1. Hey Ash, lab has been doing that for a very long time now, even months before I made this post (april 2014). Though I did receive a lot of varied responses claiming it did and did not work, it worked for me back then!

  2. hey ash will u do live stream when the update is out ? :)

  3. Any idea how long will this update last?

  4. Willing to pay 50$ for a th10 account with slightly rushed but ok defenses and decent heroes

  5. need a th10 rusheed account

  6. Hey there Ash, are you going to make a TH10 new farming layout? Currently rocking the one you showed in the video (the old version, TH outside), but need to place the TH inside now, should I make it like in this video or will you be making a new one?
    Thanks and keep up the awesome videos :D

  7. Watching your video since so long.. now i can see confidence in your voice.. keep it up..

  8. hey ash. Im in town hall 9 with BK lv17 and AQ lv20. Should i up my TH or not with this update? (wall at level 9 some 10)

  9. I can already seeing people wait until a war matchup is set up and then building the eagle artillery. After that war, they cancel. That'll give their defense a huge advantage in war.

  10. nice vid overall. gj.

  11. don't forget the release notes ash ?

  12. Great Video as I followed your TH10 Upgrade Priority List but, what if there's hidden things in the update?

  13. Love the vid sub earned ^^