Town Hall 12 Confirmed? Clash of Clans UPDATE PREPARATION!

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  1. You watch mumble jumbo that is a minecraft youtober and I love minecraft

  2. I think the Defense will be a gem laser ?

  3. Mega spring trap

  4. Wait until someone raids you. You’ll lose 2-3 million lol. That gold should be protected but it’s not.

  5. What does Mumbo Jumbo have to do with this? He plays Minecraft…

  6. After a lots of thinking I can suggest that the new defence can be a flame thrower, like a fire extinguisher. This can be a like the inferno tower. But with different physics

  7. Next defence : ice wizard tower or goblin canon

  8. When th12 comes I'm going to th10 with my lvl 20 hero's lol

  9. At th12 u should get 1 new x bow, 2 new infernos, another eagle, a new cannon, archer tower, a new mortar, new bomb tower and more traps, and 50 yes 50 new walls and put the ice wizard and the princess and/or the prince from clash royale into the game

  10. Th 11 today at noon . How long did i need to finish upgrading the buildings and walls. Shit man

  11. I think a new defense is going to something close to the eagle artillery

  12. In TH12 they could bring maybe the Mega Tesla on the Home Village

  13. How do you get from 8 builder books to th12

  14. i got in the shop 1 book of fighting (maybe beacuse im upgrading hogs)and 600 000 elixir for 10.99 euros

  15. "… people to go, places to see…" XD Love your videos 🙂

  16. Oml I’m still working on lvl 12 walls

  17. th12 comming soon and new labratori new ballon lvl 8

  18. They should make something called the thinker which helps you out with strategies you could use

  19. @Galadon Gaming What About New Spells? 😉

  20. @Galadon… New defense must be freezing tower also ice wizard will be in new update

  21. Mumbo Jumbo is a minecraft youtuber galadon

  22. Ice wizward tower

  23. Hey guys everyone is getting likes for saying where they’re from please give me like I from Indiana (joking)

  24. I think that the th12 defense would be buzzler, unlike the hidden tesla, it is not hidden and it takes 25 seconds to fire again and has a range of twice a mortar

  25. How about no TH12 please.

  26. MumberJumbo Artillery confirmed?¿

  27. Next defence will be a geared up wizard tower

  28. wait for vov vovson for the new th12 concept