TOWN HALL 12: Top 10 Things Coming with the Clash of Clans UPDATE!

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  1. in the next update of th12 if the gameplay is same as the previous 11 townhalls I'm going to quite the game forever. it's just the same old attacking that makes me bore. whats the point of new events or troops or spells if the gameplays is the same as usual.

  2. umm a superwitch?

  3. Why this old man so hyped about a game

  4. Time spell should be th 12

  5. M a new th9..and it would be long journey now… Being a th9 now…a importance would be equal to that of th8 earlier……and Not feeling good for those th5- th6…OMG they'll quit

  6. Почему эта обезяна не говорит на русском?

  7. A lot of defense, lots levels of walls, but these troops are too weak for these defense ?

  8. I hoped more…

  9. You title your videos like it's the real shit but always speculative for shame you click baiter trash

  10. Lvl13 walls ??????

  11. I am Th1

  12. Ugh I spent my life maxing out 11 LOL rip

  13. LOL this guy is old when i know i stop watching lol

  14. They should have a spell that reveals traps and hidden Tesla’s

  15. fd

  16. I wish they'll add a bowler in a balloon kind a like a bowloon

  17. Invisible spell

  18. hmm I'm not sure how do u know?

  19. Its awesome to know that there is Th12 coming…but do the servers know that XMOD is back again in the game?…almost 10 clan wars that we battle,our opponent clan using that APPS again….its pretty obvious when youre watching the live replay they know where to deploy their troops where the traps are there…i'm sorry guys i was just disappointed and i want it to shout out here at GALADON GAMING…maybe the servers can see my comment ang take action for it…i hope so! and also the clan war matchmaking…i thought they updated it for the ALGORITHMS but its not IMPLEMENTED totally…were always the weaker clan and our opponent taking advantage of it…

  20. I am Max The9 gonna upgrade to Th10 soon

  21. Any update regarding "Name Change"???

  22. put an update where leader msg should be visible in highlighted colours .so it can be easily visible to clan mates during rush chats

  23. Im barely started with th11

  24. Darn I just got to TH 11 a week ago ? now I have to compete with stronger people NOOOOO

  25. any max th9 accounts i can buy

    willing to pay 200$

  26. There should be an extra 30 sec attack time. Like in clash royale

  27. I don't know how should I feel when TH 12 comes. I've been playing CoC on and off since May 2014 and I'm only at TH 9. adding another townhall would just more things to work for, but those are also things to look forward to.

  28. Ugh

  29. there should be a mind control spell where when dropped it makes all surrounding troops in a certain radius go to the center of the spell drop

  30. A lumberjack would be really cool

  31. I thought this game already died

  32. How can I get in touch with super cell (clash of clans) I lost my account started over made it bck to th 7 tried to recieve my account again and they blocked me from the game!!! Not everybody trying to steal accounts I mean if they not goin to help you they should take off the support help in settings that’s 2 accounts gone!! I’m ? !!! How can email them can you help me out please!!!

  33. Hoping for more clan perks. Having a lvl 15 clan is worthless if we got no perks after lvl 10

  34. You sir, are a genius. New troop, new spell, new defense, new walls, etc. I don't think anyone would have predicted that.

    As for me, I'm almost 3 years in and haven't hit th10 yet. There are a lot of th9's out here who don't play 16 hours a day or buy gems. But there will be even less soon.

    It will be th3-7 then 10-12. nobody else will feel like playing.

    I really feel that the levels should be flattened out. make a 9.5 and a 10.5. not a 12.

  35. Invisible spell

  36. i feel like instead of new walls in th12 you can upgrade all your walls to level 12

  37. How about (Immortal spell)?
    Like he can make your army immortal for few sec. ?
    Hmm new troop maybe could call (Royal Gunner)

    And finally defense ?
    How about (Ice tover) or (rocket tover) or (gun tover)??

  38. Godzilla spill

  39. What day of the update wil for clash of clans will be of may 2018

  40. Invisible spell!!! the duration increases with level….. but troops are hidden from defenses???

  41. I think it would be cool if they released townhall 12 and 13 so players will have so much to grind for after the update releases.

  42. A new spell wich activates a few traps

  43. Nice video

  44. I am th8 titan 1 pushing to legend . Th12 will make things worse and make my pushing hard. 🙁

  45. what this video is about? no info 🙂

  46. Coughs goblins

  47. hey sir if you have free account please give it to me.. plz.

  48. Sorry to say we already have lvl12 walls

  49. Its the worst update ever ?? i hate town hall level 12

  50. Alguem brasileiro aq ? BR