Town Hall 8 (TH8) War Base Defense with Replays ★ Clash of Clans Base Layout Design by Aidan17CFC

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  1. nice base :D

  2. Thanks for the share! :3

  3. u got it!!

  4. I've heard I can get xbows but not have them active during match making!! what do u think or know about that??

  5. yes he did!!! impressive!!

  6. ideas on a th9 without xbows would be awesome..I'm waiting til I get a little stronger before getting them..I dnt wanna make my war weight go way up yet!!

  7. kudos to the base design!!! nice work

  8. what do you think is the best th8 raid/war defense base in your channel?

  9. I don't know how this work.. but if made a base that honestly, swear to God. has not been 3 stated on the first attack.. by a th8 . sometimes th9s fail on it to! it's honestly my best design

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  11. Town hall 7

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