TOWN HALL 9 NEW BEST WAR BASE (TH9 War AnTi 3 Star ) 2016 + Defence Replays

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  1. im gonna use this base now. were having a war after 5hours i will give you the result of the base asap. thanks man.

  2. If U have a Twitter DM so u will make u join and take out the video . @Deepu_213 its my username

  3. Jack Sparrow I have 3 defence video for Your Th8 best war base ever. It has been attacked by 3 peoples. and My base Protected . I am so happy that My base Alone has not been Cleaned . My clan is HouseUrrest Lv9 Clan . If u want come there and check out

  4. Great base i love it i just subscribed to you today and like the videos i have seen so far so keep up the great work!!!

  5. Great video, I've been using your bases for a while now and have had a lot of success. I trust your judgement but I'm curious as to why you chose to have 3 mortars outside your walls? Any response is appreciated!

  6. Hey jack do you have any clans I could join I'm a new town hall 10 with 19 queen 16 King great vid btw!!

  7. Your old intro!!!! Nice.

  8. I hope this isnt a april joke

  9. Its not the best, govaho from the right would be an easy thee star ? but nice job ;)

  10. Yas the song from your old intro ?

  11. No talking needed for base designs, right?

  12. Best base ever thanks for uploading can u plz tell me the name of trance use in this video

  13. Can you make th8.5 war or farming, nothing new only queen and traps except tesla, i know 8.5 doesnt work but people r still using it, you may say if its not working why use it. But it doesnt hurt doing it 🙂 its esier n more organised aswell

  14. Hi guys,no one attacks this base by air troops so in replays having only ground attacks

  15. Real Best?)