Town Hall 9 ( TH9 ) PROFESSIONAL ATTACKERS | New 3 Star War Attack Strategies 2017 | Clash Of Clans

Town Hall 9 ( TH9 ) PROFESSIONAL ATTACKERS | New 3 Star War Attack Strategies 2017 | Clash Of Clans These are some of the professional town hall 9 attackers, so i won’t recommend to try this…


  1. Thanks For Watching !!

  2. superlike.. awsm atks ???

  3. Bestest attacks

  4. The link of music ? given in the description is not opening buddy pls help me get that music.

  5. Nice bro….

  6. i loved the 2nd attack, look at everything he swaged

  7. Awesome attacks.
    Dude pls tell the name of background music ?.

  8. Army compositions are too complex. Mind giving us simpler but as effective ones?

  9. Bro its awesome really like a professional attacker

  10. th 9 id

  11. hello guys

  12. That first attack was definitely a clean up hit, probably 4th try

  13. All are in TH9 monster

  14. That first attack was just beautiful. Thats what happens when your so good at something and decide to have fun with it.

  15. The first attack was hilarious.How u would be sure that the attack gonna happen like u want with every troop 1 valk ,1 giant ,1 pekka ,5 others,3 witchs .So nice!

  16. R u professional attacker i wnt to discuss with u n i wnt to be professional attacker plzx give ur watsupp no.

  17. How do I get into one of these th9 only clans?

  18. You all are just awesome Yaar..?

  19. i too want to join and want to be pro.i have lvl 30 AQ and lvl 26 BK.
    can i join ????

  20. congratulations buddy

  21. This is clan from indonesia

  22. It only works for high lvl hero..I recommend hghb,witch slap,lavaloon,gobolalon,pekka walk.. nice video I will download it to copy some base haha

  23. Nice attack ?????

  24. Unbelievable ???

  25. Best attacks

  26. Best th9 mass witch attack ever check this out everyone then judge like comment share SUBSCRIBE

  27. Very pro♥♥

  28. awesome attacks make some more videos for low lvl heroes

  29. (you are an experience player having troops max but in our case our TH has recently upgraded to TH 9 so give some trips to get 100 % and answer my previous question )please

  30. what is the army and tell it's amouny

  31. Bro my th9 will you add me your clan

  32. OMG???

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  34. bases are not sou hard but such a swag they just walk throw it like nothing wtf really amazing attacks

  35. 1 one was just awesome

  36. my clan??

  37. grt attack…these guys are beast ??