Town Hall 9 Two Starring Town Hall 10s ♦ Bonus: Clash of Clans RAP ♦

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  1. Peter17$ out (drops mic) lol

  2. Peter isn't as stupid as I thought, great attacks.

  3. Peter has a similar VoiceOver tO you

  4. ???

  5. tesla liv 3 …

  6. heroes liv 30, anyone can crush th10 with heroes liv 30

  7. I have a knew idea for coc. There can be a defensive building where it's just a distraction and when the enemy troops destroy it blows up(you would probably use it in the middle of base near the town hall)

  8. what is the intro song?

  9. What is the song at 0:10 called?

  10. Kill

  11. lol "his, uh…  unique style of commentary".  haha.  :)

  12. Best. Rap. Ever.

  13. Great videos, i can 2 star a good many town hall 10s at my th9 level and its not very high my heroes are both 10s and i use a 3x lvl3golem combination w no to me these attacks arent crazy impressive w lvl 30 heroes. however i did learn a ton from galadons videos a long the way some of the best on the internet Happy clanning 

  14. Quick question that made me think during the rap peter sounded like galadon so is peter another person or like a voice done by galadon on videos

  15. anybody know the name of the intro song?

  16. illuminate

  17. I thought you were peter17$ ?

  18. Just destroyed a very nice upgraded TH 10 as a TH 9… just 40% and 1 Star but at least! My archer Queen saved my ass! (; Clash on Guys and visite our Clan Cadyco! Peace and out from Chief_Nick.

  19. I just got a nice 2 star on a th 10.  I use lavoonian as a th 9 former champ, currently in masters 1.