Triple threat th10 |Best army composition |Govaho th10| Clash of clans (2017)

  1. you used only one golem ? not good for triple threat :/

  2. Great
    I used this army it is really great

  3. Name of the song please

  4. Helpful
    This video is helpful

  5. That was nicely explained great job

  6. Today i three stared th10 learned to hog and reached champion league thanks

  7. Should i use freeze spell i am at 2340 trophies

  8. I have not opened Valkyrie yet

  9. Good job keep it up

  10. Hey guys here is army composition for the triple event for th10 ahead of others to help you crush the enemy.
    Use golem in cc to complete the event
    Caution: Be aware of inferno tower