Trojan War: 100 Attacks in last 10 Minutes | Clan Fun War | Clash of Clans

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  1. Nice vid joe ❤️?

  2. that's awesome. hey I shot you a friend request on sarge account. If you don't end up in cwl, you should give my crew a tutorial on to attack. lol

  3. so cool!!

  4. Cool

  5. can you do a queen walk quide?

  6. One meaning of the Korean clan's name is "the irony of fate." Ironic, huh?

  7. Looks fun

  8. this is insane, his deserves more views

  9. Haha other clan had to be pissed. Cool vid jo

  10. Lol Insane…

  11. wow! very cool . those guys must have freaked out to see the last 10 min onslaught and lose the war !! good job

  12. Nice vid Jo. Love watching these type of wars, I bet the opposition get so annoyed lol. Good to see some of the non CWL style bases getting smashed. Keep up the good work mate.

  13. Yo

  14. What a right giggle this was thanks for the stream Jo, and thanks again Fog for the organisation
    Melkor/Manwë here btw 😉

  15. that was pretty kool

  16. woooooooooooooooooooo

  17. Jo rocks!

  18. Hey jo can i join your clan..
    BK lev 27
    AQ lev 26

  19. WTH

  20. i need th9.5 war base


  22. First