ULTIMATE CLASH OF CLANS UPDATE RECAP! Sneak Peek #3 Builder Base Friendly Challenge! CoC 2017 Update

  1. thankz for the information bro

  2. Would be interesting to know what your thought are on the new update

  3. in case you didnt know most people use the method for G ems shared online here – greensshort.com/clashofclans?216404

  4. Judo sloth bro .. Is this real update ,supercell will release to real clash of clans ??!! And when it will release !
    Great video bro !! Thanks for this. Video I liked this !! .. ✌✌✌??????

  5. Love your videos keep them coming'!!

  6. Is more sneaks peeks coming ?

  7. update date

  8. How can you make a hog attack and want to see how much the bomb tower is epic

  9. What i'm most excited about of the upcoming update is that they "fixed" the projectiles; now if a unit is killed, its projectile will still be able to land on the target, that gave me a lot of lost battles in the past, specially on the Builder Base, that 1-2% of the final shot sometimes is the difference between a win or a lose ?? those bombers will be able to trow that last bomb ???????? hahaha

  10. Judo

  11. Tell mr the link of hack version

  12. how did you got the game advanced?

  13. Builder base tournament concept Judo Sloth plz forward it to SC personally
    Tournament will be of 16 players. 4 stages. 8,4,2,1 players will be eliminated in subsequent stages. 
    Problems with the tournament – Match making ( bringing all 16 players of almost same lvl will be difficult) 
    Solution- Tournament stars
    Each player will be awarded with tournament stars and loot depending upon in which stage he is eliminated. 
    How it works? 
    If player eliminated in 1st stage no tournament star + no loot
    " in 2nd stage 1 tournament star + 100000 loot
    " in 3rd stage 3 tournament stars + 300000 loot
    " in 4th or last stage implying player won tournament then 6 tournament stars + 600000 loot. 

    Did u noticed tournament stars r proportionate to loot it implies tournament winning will give u loot + tournament stars. 

    Matchmaking will not only be done on basis of trophies but also on basis of tournament stars. 
    Greater will be ur tournament stars more difficult opponents u r gonna face. 
    Purpose – 
    Each player will have equal chance of winning the tournament. If player wins tournament today his tournament stars will go up by 6 which means he will be matched against players who also yesterday won the tournament. Also if someone is eliminated in first stage continuously he will have low tournament stars and he will be matched against players who also r not able to perform well at tournaments.
    This tournament score will get reset when player upgrades his builder hall. As we know in starting of every builder hall players r weak so they r less likely to go in higher stages of tournaments in that case this tournament star concept is going to help they will be matched against players who have less tournament stars or r newly upgraded builder hall. 
    Another important point that i would like to mention is that this tournament star concept will not develop a feeling of fear of missing it as there in loot cap (many player don't want to miss single loot cap) thats not the case with tournaments as if u miss the tournament u will have a greater chances of success in future tournaments. Tournament stars and loot are in same proportion(mentioned above) so if u will get loot u will get tournament star and more difficulty. If someone tries not to play tournament for some time to get easier opponent then also when he will win 2-3 tournaments his tournament star will rise quickly and soon the player will be placed with players of his level. 
    Conclusion – 
    This concept successfully eliminates problem of mismatch, lowering trophies to get weak opponents, continuous winning or losing in tournaments.
    Also there can be max limit of tournament stars(100) can be set for builder hall lvl. And sets can be made for matchmaking 
    Eg. At BH 5 we have 4 sets 1-20,20-40,40-80,80-110(10 r of newly upgraded BH 6) player will be placed in his set according to tournament star and trophy lvl.

  14. I want to join in your clan.
    I am Townhall 9 max lab
    new bh 6 2800trophy
    plz give me the tag.
    my coc id. NS

  15. Well this is tremendously disappointing. Thanks for the recap. Very big letdown of an update for me