ULTIMATE TH7 TROPHY BASE!! [COC 2017] New BEST Town Hall 7 Base Design/Defence – Clash of Clans

  1. KinG Gam3r is the best th7 base builder. Hands down

  2. KING OF CLASH!!!!

  3. Love these base designs even though i still lose using it i can easily climbing back up. Guys his videos aren't misleading, why? Because if you think that a th9 or above would fail attacking your base think again.

  4. Instead of giving a slower version at the end u can give some defence replays

  5. https://youtu.be/MHeX3DgaOm0

  6. I love ur designs btw i subbed!

  7. awesome base man

  8. Good layout

  9. Once again I’m max level 7 th made this base got 3 stared I even had a level 6 dragon in my CC. You need to make better bases. I mirror base my mirror player in wars if they are level as me. And I get at least get 0 to 1 stars when I get attacked.

  10. Nice base design ?

  11. so early

  12. Nice base

  13. Th8 trophy base!

  14. Th7 farming pleaseeee


  16. No replays 🙁

  17. Hey u make great bases

  18. Under 100 views big achievemt for me

  19. Sent th9 trophies base

  20. Should I rush

  21. Can I get sub?

  22. love this base today is my birthday pls give a like for me as my birthday gift and king this base is lovely u know i m in ur clan in crystal league th7

  23. 5th liker….

  24. The town hall has to be outside you noobbbb!!!

  25. please do a th 9 base

  26. Second!

  27. 1