ULTIMATE TH7 TROPHY Base w/ REPLAYS!! New BEST Town Hall 7 Trophy Base Design/Defence Clash of Clans

  1. What the hell?????

  2. Hello i am a TH7 in crystal league 1 i only get attacked by th8/9/10 so Help :'(

  3. Nice video


  5. Doesn't work I lost teophies

  6. i can clear your base easily with lvl2 hogs

  7. Im already using this base, and today morning i got +58 trophyies!! This is works

  8. Bro please invite me in your clan my base tag is pocrjvjvv

  9. Or gmail

  10. Sry wut is ur insta

  11. I just made an amazing base th7 plz share I will dm u through YouTube the photo

  12. Nice

  13. King gamer thank you sooo oo much this base really helped me out I subbed and liked love your content man keep it up!!!! ♥

  14. can you do my base please town hall 8 spiral base friend code to see my base: #880RVCL8

  15. I saw my friends base get 3 starred and at the same time my small brother was annoying me so I got triggered should I click off the video

  16. Isn't this a reupload

  17. hi

  18. That u never noticed is at 1:55 he would have gone anywhere but he decided to go near the elixir storage he is a th8 attacking you… He doesn't care for the trophies he's going for your loot which he is getting!!

  19. Good base

  20. 3rd comment

  21. I love yo King….I like your vidios

  22. It's hilarious that you gotta write that in the start. Some people are kinda dumb. Great base!