ULTIMATE Town Hall 7 (TH7) TROPHY Base 2017!! COC New BEST TH7 Trophy Base Design/Layout [Defence]

  1. Became town hall lvl 7 yesterday so this is gonna help a lot

  2. Looks really awesome,Ima try this one out because it seems worth it 🙂

  3. Amazing base!!

  4. Pls make "BEST TH7 Crystal base"

  5. the base very good i have made my base like this only by seeing the good

  6. Town Hall 8 base defence

  7. Th7 crystal base

  8. Can you make hybrid th7 but with out a dark elixer drill?

  9. Love It!! This is why I am subscribed!!

  10. Thanks bro your the best at building bases. What’s your clan I want to join it please!

  11. King do you have a clan in clash of clans and if you have can I jon you?

  12. Th8 trophy/farming/war base!!!

  13. Some new TH9 bases coming soon?

  14. nice

  15. Hey guyz my dream is to hit 200subs before the end of the month,can you help me with that??

  16. Nice vid man

  17. Your the best

  18. I like that you keep doing th7 designs but they make me look like the ones you uploaded you could make new designs of th7

  19. trolling with the chat ??

  20. Nice one mate 😀

  21. ???

  22. Bro we need a facecam.

    Those who want facecam hit like??.

  23. Whats the song of this video

  24. From where u get this type of bases

  25. Can u send of 6