ULTIMATE Town Hall 7 (TH7) TROPHY Base Design 2017 | COC New BEST TH7 Trophy Base Layout [Defense]

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  1. I love your videos, with your bases and attack strategies, I made it to master league as a th7! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. great video bro keep it up. One new subscriber here ?

  3. Has anyone tested this yet? is it good?

  4. Instead of showing a slow replay of how to build show how the base defends against enemy attacks

  5. King why are your videos so good

  6. Got attacked by 10 dragons and recived a 100%. The guy who attacked me is a fucking retard that lost 100000 elixir XD

  7. can u please make a video on th8 cheap attack strategy

  8. Good base but do you think next time you can just show one succesful defense?

  9. awesome base design

  10. Yes great build brother o.O Keep it up homie ???

  11. Nice base bro ??

  12. Nice southern teaser! Looks good against GIWAWI and Dragloon and also decent against hogs. ?

  13. This base is already on the internet, but great music??

  14. hey make epic base of town hall 8 bro but i have 7 lvl wall but base is max only remebering wall make it video

  15. wtf 10 minutes 4 times adds

  16. This base is amazing I ❤️ it

  17. King ur a really imaginative man to think of all these bases on a daily basis

  18. No I'm late

  19. I will do this base for sure ??

  20. th 8 please

  21. Ily king ?

  22. make video on th6 base

  23. plz make a vid on th8 govaho with earthquake spell.

  24. good vid gam3r