ULTIMATE Town Hall 8 (TH8) TROPHY Base 2017! COC Th8 Defence | TH8 Trophy Base Design Clash of Clans

  1. I couldn’t quite see the base design on the thumbnail so please could someone add some more arrows and maybe circle the base then zoom in on it, thanks.

  2. Someone tell me the name of this song that was used in the base tutorial

  3. AMAzing th

  4. Great base man! What kind of editing software do you use?

  5. did this work for anyone? ??

  6. Very helpful to me to get into Crystal league first 1st time bro!???….thanks?

  7. Does this work on me?im th8masters1?can this defend?

  8. will it work in 2200+?

  9. Amazing base bro worked great thanks for the help!

  10. yo bro, nice base im a pushing th 8, and it works very wel! tnxx

  11. Thnx bro it's amazing base for m of th8

  12. Good base just try to put the double giant bomb closer to the center, a few hogs can be deployed to the area and pop the double giant bomb

  13. Remember me?

  14. Such a simple yet amazing base

  15. Wat if they use eq spell and valka??

  16. i subscribed you are the best i like how you do a fast building and a slowest version congrats you have new subscriber

  17. You got a rank "BASE MASTER"?

  18. Ya LA hise crak ??

  19. Finally a perfect th8 base!!

  20. This is the best base, I won like almost every defendd!!!

  21. make a video of th8 war base anti drag or anti valk

  22. nice base i love this base and your mind is powerful
    thanks for this base

  23. This base is not good

  24. Nice base… but u could have said that there was a slower build version in the beginning of the video

  25. come my clan ?Dark Blasters

  26. Can u plz make good farming base plzzz

  27. awesome vid scrap the intro though

  28. Join my clan LVL 10 BARBARIANS

  29. I need king gamers number