ULTIMATE Town Hall 8 (TH8) TROPHY Base 2017!! New BEST TH8 Trophy Base Design/Defence Clash of Clans

  1. Does this work well?

  2. Bro king gamer i have sent u the mail of the war base i created !

  3. Pls add replays

  4. May i just say thank u, nobody appreciates ppl like u who take the time to do this 4 others
    I also just got th level 8 (i max out) so i was looking 4 a good base build and this is amazing

  5. I did the pausing then I saw the slow lol facepalm

  6. yes bro keep oup btw with what do you record your screen with nice song luv u

  7. Where are you in th7??which clan

  8. Make a video on th7 without dark Elixir drill ?????????

  9. Im not th7 ? now im th8 so i'll be waiting for more th8 bases nice base by the way ???

  10. It doesn't work sorry, or maybe it's because I'm in champions league, but on my crystal league account it also doesn't work.

  11. King Gamer is the best ever!

  12. Bro can I join superior seven I m new th7. And pushing trophies m in gold 1 currently

  13. Yep bro make th8 bases case now I'm a th 8

  14. Nice king

  15. I am also in th 8

  16. Did you have so many account please me one account please

  17. Nice video king ?

  18. Y bro u take lot of time to built it can u make more faster and show us with replays

  19. Six Person! Love The Videos As Always!

  20. Who Loves King Gam3r

    I do Like if you agree?

  21. First

  22. 2nd

  23. you ar good

  24. 1 st ??