UPDATE 1.18 New Hero Lance INCOMING! | Vainglory Update 1.18 Patch Notes

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  1. wow no fucking krul buff ._. fuck semc

  2. yeah !!! vox buff wp hahaa Ringo can't beat vox on 1.18.0 🙂 rip ringo

  3. Still waiting for Petal hero spotlight…

  4. No krul buff? Wth..hes already a potato..

  5. Such bs, as a scaarf main and adagio main I do nog approve of this update, plus I gotta worry about rona even more WHAT THE CRAP SEMC, do u want a pro ? like me to quit ?

  6. Check out my vainglory hack

  7. I'll main Vox now

  8. Hello Ben i Love youre Videos (Sry For my bad english) i can Watch them all Again and it dont will be boring because every time it haperndes something but i want too ask you something can you made a fortress cp Guide it Would be nice

  9. finally a nigga

  10. do they tell us when 1.18 will be released?

  11. R.I.P CP vox

  12. HYPE!!!

  13. I don't like the way they change the infusions ;-;

  14. Lances B almost sounds like be literally walks into his target and forces them into a wall or obstacle to stun them. Also the vox basic attack nerf is ridiculous. He's already nerfed enough as it is.

  15. I'm not a veteran but I am level 20

  16. I am level 17 :P

  17. I'M LEVEL 20

  18. I knew lance was coming first

  19. So vox can't walk jump anymore 🙁 rip

  20. stop messing with vox already!!!! he WAS my favorite hero hands down a couple updates ago but geez these changes are getting out of hand

  21. WTH SEMC? I abuse Rona this update.. SEMC fucked up.

  22. am i the only one who cares about.. lyra damn i cant make my harem like dis

  23. The update will come tomorrow at around noon CST and the Rona card event will last about 3-4 hours after the servers come online, like this, so that people can see. This has been the norm for past updates.

  24. Will you be able to destroy the Rona cards for essence? If not I am going to be pissed because I never play as Rona and there is no point for me to get that skin but there are other skins I would love to get.

  25. It's coming out tomorrow because in the last patch notes it said that the Rona event would end when 1.18 comes out, the Rona event is ending tomorrow so 1.18 is ending

  26. If there isn't any cp ratio in vox's basic attacks, then how is cp vox supposed to win a 1v1

  27. When is the Rona event over ? Because i think they will update it when its over ! ;)

  28. Should I buy Rona?

  29. The update will most likely be on Wednesday(2 days) because, they always do the update on Wednesday. Update will start most likely Mid day(Us) That's the best info I can give from past updates.

  30. I love the update and the new features but removing double infuse? Everything I can agree all but not removing double infusion,


  32. Rona/Phinn were my mains, Rona will be my MAIN main hero holysh!t

  33. bruh Jimmy is the homie you know him too damn tell him I said what's up

  34. I love ozo

  35. For vox arent they just changing meta from wp vox back to cp vox

  36. can someone pls tell me why im level 20 but can't go any higher ? i only play casual match cus i need 2 more heroes. what does this mean?

  37. Saw is too OP as is and now they give him a buff….. Also Vox will never be a concern for me. Not once have I played lane and been like OMG they have GG. no sorry Vox is the weakest hero of them all.