UPDATE REACTION: Clone, Skeleton, Miner, Baby Dragon Feat, YouTube Up & Comers in Clash of Clans

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  1. Ash as a content creator myself, I truly respect ur work with clash and active role on the forums. Unlike the other big names on youtube you actually play the game and have an active role in bringing quality content. Its sad that I see little to no value from these other major youtubers, they literally bring watered down content of your own. Although you do ur best to balance out coc and ur other games, I am glad ur content has very consistent with clash. Keep up the good work!

  2. True ash… YOU ARE THE BEST…

  3. cool

  4. do 1 with beker & godson

  5. nice video ash..again!!

  6. Excellent. I like the video. Good stuff helping the smaller channels. BUT one thing about the skelleton spell. My buddy found what it should be used for plenty :]. actually genius.

  7. I have suggestion that heroes should be up when upgrading coz it takes too much time

  8. I think that even a th11, using clone spell, rage and eternal tome is not effective. It might seem like a super good combo but it's just an overkill, you don't need that much to destroy the core of a base, and what happens is that you run out of juice faster

  9. Links to the two up and coming you tubers you referenced, please

  10. a few miner things

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  12. 337whacher

  13. i just got to th9. which league is better for farming?

  14. ok…be honest how much have you spent on gems ash? Same question to everyone else!

  15. I have done a Queen Valk VaByDrag on a 9.5 and i did a 3 star with no spells, its on my channel. Do u guys think it could work at th9? Someone can watch it and give his opinion.

  16. hey guys hey ash

  17. nice video do more videos for th8s :)

  18. Best youtuber ever! Keep up the good work Ash ?

  19. Hey clashers we are 1 sub away from 1700 can u fix that lol 🙂 Thanks if you will!

  20. Nice!

  21. Good info ash keep it up

  22. Second

  23. Haha nice vid

  24. First