UPDATE Review Part 1 + GEMMING + Surgical Balloon Level 7 Attack by Ed – Clash of Clans

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  1. I've been practicing my drag raids, what strat do you recommend ? , how many drags, loons, etc.

  2. I am getting tempted to rush my base to TH10 or Th11.. i have almost max th9 with only heroes in their early 20s.

  3. This Video is Funny
    Surgical looning is BACK !
    nice attack !

  4. @ 11:20 sound like stewie from family guy lol

  5. U had elixir in the treasury for the loons to upgrade u noob!!! Lol

  6. Your YouTube channel is just so shit

  7. Why ITD hides the war log ?

  8. You did not need to gem the elixir of the loon, you could have collected the loot cart and the loot of cc, then you would be able to gem mor things…

  9. Finally You're Back on Looning!

  10. mieti springtrappeja välkkyjen kannalta, kahen rakennuksen väliin 6trappia ja 12välkkyä kaput? jos niitä nyt sais jotenki defuteltua

  11. Good to see Ed reunited with loons <3

  12. :)))))))))))))))

  13. Fuck Fuck Fu k~~ i love Ed ♡♥♡

  14. Fuck the fucking fuckers…

  15. Swallow your spit, stop smacking your Lips holy fuck

  16. Fuck Counter: OVER 9000

  17. Please curse more what the hell man? You need to go to church or something. Stop saying fuck so much dammit.

  18. why did he gemmed elixr for balloon he still have lot of elixr in his cc ?

  19. Ed your voice is too much loud, it was about to damage my ear. kindly reconsider your recording volume. i have been using youtube with 100% volume, it works perfect on other videos.. but 100% volume was about to damage my ear on this video. i hope you shall view this comment,

  20. yeeeeah loons are back <333333333333333333333333

  21. Bro, what you say at start of the video