Vainglory CRYSTAL POWER GWEN BUILD! New Hero Gwen Gameplay in Vainglory

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  1. Play with bots-_-

  2. I stop watching as soon as you said bot…I find playing with bot are the most boring game ever. Thumb down!

  3. Hey people im i the only one who has this problem?
    1. When i play one round after sometime its just frezzes and says connecting.
    2.then it loads all over again
    3.then FUCKING IDIOTIC bot takes control and buys stupid ,,Recromended" things
    4.Match finishes , Results : DESERTER

  4. This guy is playing with bots

  5. clockwork is gunna be a hell to counter bcuz of her b skill even cather cant do anything

  6. Who else thinks that Gwen has a mad booty

  7. Do you actually read up on the heroes you play?

  8. 15:52 wth ozo used ult on kraken?!

  9. Hi ben im a huge fan of you its because of you i started to play vainglory
    I hope i can have a chance to play wif you and your guild mate
    My account is
    Pussyplanet I hope that you can give me a chance to maybe join your guild or team

  10. The lights of the turret is now useful :P

  11. good hero i buy now ^^

  12. Hi! Why u just buy gwen then show us in casual

  13. Ben do you know how to zoom out mines too zoomed in. How do I make my screen like yours?

  14. I'm your 1000th view ?

  15. I have enough glory for her. Can't wait till next week to complete my hero collection once again!

  16. Kestrel is stronger/ringo

  17. hey ben, hope to 1v1 you someday ☺

  18. how are servers up for him? or am i missing something here

  19. bots need more fixing…..ive been really trying to practice my lane farming but its so easy even on very hard

  20. fuck pokemon go
    cmon man we need you here:/

  21. ben why arent you playing vg?:/

  22. how do u have early access when it hasn't been released yet until laters update ur not working for VG

  23. Just Ben over here getting harassed by a bot.

  24. omfg cant wait to use her, but needs 3 hours of waiting more.

  25. Why didnt u use b move to get rid of ringos slow

  26. Ben pls quit Pokemon go

  27. first

  28. fourth

  29. Third!

  30. Second!

  31. Truly first