Vainglory – CRYSTAL POWER SAMUEL BUILD! New Hero Samuel 1v1 Beta Gameplay!

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  1. I feel like he can be a power roam like roam but do a lot of damage to enemies and fight back in team fights, not really a supporter but still is

  2. Benn when is the update

  3. when is the update

  4. the B ability only heals you if its damaging someone else. pretty much built in lifesteal

  5. That lighting bolt is his heroic perk, not the critical strike.

  6. how you can get it in match

  7. I'm getting him… I like him and his aesthetic

  8. When you think about it Samuel kind of counters saw naturally (one of my biggest problems right now) he can skill shot him when using suppressing fire. Saw's slowness won't be able to run from the b, and he can be put to sleep so the others can be felt with first or he can be focused without disturbances

  9. How?

  10. droped my like

  11. Looks like the evil version of vox and hes similar to reaper,I great counter to saw ;-;

  12. Wait wtf ben you dont understand what his b is really for.

  13. He looks like a yedi from star wars lol

  14. This hero will be the best

  15. It update alredy

  16. ?!ilike

  17. Who thinks that Samuel can put Phinn to sleep?

  18. Ben eve first bcuz he is a energy user

  19. you wrote sameul in the descr.

  20. anyone know when the update comes out

  21. Nice last battle Ben, really amusing.

  22. What if samuel counter broken hero lyra

  23. Samuel isnt nu wa from smite i swear to fucking god

  24. how could you play with samuel before update tell us please:)))