Vainglory – NEW HERO IDRIS CONFIRMED! Idris All Abilities in Vainglory!

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  1. I think we need more healers….

  2. muslim player will laugh

  3. thats like somebody i know from LoL ._. kind of maybe well i dont know

  4. it has been far too long ben pls keep uploading

  5. Where Have You Ben Bro? It Been So Long ?

  6. Long time no see,??

  7. I like how you make videos of games you enjoy not caring how popular it is. Your awesome ben

  8. your backkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Expecting some awesome VG games

  10. OMG.. Ben is back

  11. Bro, slow down the outro a little, I can hardly understand you..

  12. Lol. I thought Ben quit VG

  13. Ben starting to look like an old man ;(

  14. up more videos madafakaaaa!!! hahaha I meiss that funny vg vids

  15. Wow! I though you got lost trying to catch a Mewtwo. Jk lul. Glad u upload VG vid again :3

  16. Idris looks L I T

  17. Ben!!!!!!

  18. Lol another mechanical hero

  19. I get so hype for new herps

  20. pls post more vainglory

  21. I am going to make this hero my main he looks so sick

  22. Still have Vainglory on my phone. I'm just waiting for that one character that will bring me back…

  23. OMG, Ben follow with life

  24. Ben finally!

  25. ben ur description says "Herp" instead of hero

  26. Wow he actually uploaded

  27. Pokemon Go gave you back to us.

  28. Its been too long ben , i was like is he gonna post again ?! Glad ur back .

  29. The new hero looks so fudging sick.