Vainglory – NEW HERO SAMUEL GAMEPLAY!! Samuel Abilities in Vainglory!

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  1. hi ben its my birthday :)

  2. yo, August 31st this guy better be here. He's my new main. I thought he was gonna be a sucky Lyra v2, he's the opposite.
    I can just imagine Lyra and Samuel tho, let's see if it works.

  3. It gonna be September 10

  4. you could see his hero ability in the left where after a while, he makes a lighting bolt that does crystal damage. Watch it reload and right after you could see his lighting bolt

  5. Just hope he isn't as anoying as lyra(my main is taka btw)

  6. Uual top

  7. the hell Samuel not yes in server vietnam :/

  8. turkhis vain glory

  9. Lol like samuel is a copycat of reaper from the game overwatch


  11. Can't wait for the incoming nerfs within a month

  12. was anyone else thinking star wars?

  13. smh I wanted a kid hero :(((( maybe next time

  14. This is Ben's job he has to post pokemon and clash videos it may not be here but it is in his other channel and when i get to know that youtube is someone's job i never hate them i alway thumb up their videos and watch all of the videos they post cause thats the way they earn money and i wanna support them so that they to earn it

  15. he looks like an asshole for any melee character

  16. nerf pls

  17. i think they have to make morw fighters and more assassins

  18. This is dope! But Vox op tho

  19. I'm existed I want to play as Samuel

  20. they havent released all there skins im still wait for taka teir 3 skin :'(

  21. So excited for him! Cant wait.

  22. What app do you use to record? please tell me im trying to start a channel as well ; )

  23. apparently his passive is going to be basically tension bow but with cp

  24. Is it stupid to play him in the Jungle? cause for me its seems like he has a Short range

  25. Its Cool

  26. Lyar*

  27. He Look like Lyara

  28. The sleep is probably like ana from overwatch sleep dart

  29. Ooh i am early