Vainglory | NEW HERO: SAMUEL!? Info & Speculation! What We Know!

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  1. His probably a dark mage

  2. There are more mages than assassins. I hope this one is an assassin even though it seems like he would be a mage according to the lore.

  3. Cheif u think he could be like lee sin from LoL?

  4. How about that weird cow (idk it's name) at april fools? they said it's fake, but it's a possible hero update.. :/

  5. The first mistake… Samuel ?

  6. I hope he can 1 shot someone like Taka. A hero like that will be nice :)

  7. he is also in reims lore

  8. Samuel is either a Mage or Assasin

  9. he uses the magic or something like kagibunshin p.s. idk what is the spelling of it…

  10. wohooo the hype is real!!!

  11. first