VALKYRIE GUIDE for LOW HEROES | Th9 | GoVaHo, Mass Valk, Queen Walk | Clash Of Clans

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  1. Nice Vid Ash!! I'm a th9 with lv15-17 Heroes. Awesome video. :)

  2. Ash, could you please try this? I call it HVH, I use 3-4 healers, but not for a queen walk. I deploy them on 4-5 giants to beat through a wall (or sometimes on Q, and I have her charge to take CC), then get 12 valks to go in with 4 healers on them. Been absolutely crushing it on th10s with my 17/18 heroes (usually lvl 12 points, 70% plus almost every time, a few 3s. ) My th9 friend tried it, and has gotten 16 stars in 6 attacks, so pretty good track record for him.

    The idea is to get healers on valks (10-14 of them, any more and valks may outrun healers). Only threats are Air Ds

    I place 3-4 healers on 4-5 giants to beat wall in place of golem, honestly, it takes 3+ points to start actually killing giants. I have also thought about charging queen in with wbs instead of giant, and them valks behind (only to take care of CC really)

  3. mass valk without queen walk is good too…

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  6. I'm here to learn a thing or two

  7. nice explaining dude

  8. i dont know why but after the face reveal ur channel is growing damn slowly . but sonw worry i am always on ur back

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