Valkyrie + Hogs: Queen Walk VAHO TH9 STRONG WAR ATTACK STRATEGY 2018 (Updated) | Clash of Clans

  1. Cool songs r on the videos,like them a lott:))

  2. the sexiest th9 attack

  3. That thumbnail looks like Anime Cover.

  4. Queen literally destroy almost everything..

  5. Will this strategy work with level 10 queen and level 3 valkyries?

  6. If cc is at the core and a drag and a baby drag comes from cc , then it's very difficult to execute

  7. nice bro….well played…

  8. Thumbnail was good lol??

  9. th10 too please…bowitch ?

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  11. Bro this can be done with 10 level archer queen and level 3 valks or not

  12. What about centerlized CC ? All attacks shown in this video has side allined CC

  13. I need to know the the intro remix song

  14. Daym Cruz tht thumbnail is hot!!!! ?

  15. Super

  16. You use NC's music you don't give credit in Description you will be banned

  17. Which screen recorder u use

  18. Can I join THe MONSTER .I am th 9 almost max 3p-30 heroes

  19. Bro

  20. Good job..

  21. Nice ??

  22. Если у тя королева не 30лвл не стоить повторять ))

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    New World Order

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    First name song? please

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  27. Hi, good