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  1. Like the new layout but he must MUST improve lighting and quality of that webcam because it makes it look so bad and old 🙁

  2. AKASH???

  3. Where is Rome total war bro

  4. 5:50 but… he used a power potion

  5. hii.. klaus.. i like your videos. I'm th10 full max . can i join your clan? my tag is 2CPOUGRLC. plz???

  6. good for you buddy , clash of clans is diying try to play fortnite or rules of survival i hope you like them and make videos about them

  7. I think u should do one collabs for the 150k subs celebration

  8. Coc is dead bro… Play pubg

  9. "you dont have to be Max to attack this Max Base (th9)" -yeah just use power potion.

  10. How to contact you through email??

  11. Kalus I am ur very big fan….plz plz ? play PUBG mobile gaming in some of ur videos

  12. How can i join your clan klause?

    i realy whant to join your. Clan

  13. Niceee

  14. Big fan of yours bro please bro make a progress base for th9 a video

  15. Love you Klaus!!!!

  16. PUBG Mobile,try it

  17. The falcon is the best th9/th10 three star attack

  18. That haircut tho

  19. i train 14 valks (for war only)…..hahahaha…..???????

  20. Klaus please make a new video about the walking dead please????

  21. Valkyries are already back buddy , I used It at TH10 and TH9 for wars and they reeeeeeeeck

  22. When did they leave?

  23. Sup

  24. Cause I need to

  25. How to join your broo

  26. valks been back for long while now. this video overdue. lmao

  27. I’m an hour late!! ?

  28. Klaus you should try PubG mobile

  29. I subscribed bro

  30. I'll watch this before i sleep

  31. Can I join ur subscriber clan if I’m a max th 9 but with lvl 25 heroes and lvl 9 walls?

  32. Klaus does not respond to the comments anymore in the first thirty minutes ??

  33. I'm using th9 goho because my valks are only lvl 2

  34. i love goboho more

  35. Congrats on 150k subs

  36. You are showing falcon in first attack