VAPOREON VS CHARIZARD! – Pokemon Go – Vaporeon Before VS After New Update! + UPDATE NEWS!

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  1. I'm going to SPI to catch some water pokemon I just have my vaporian not so many water Pokemons here unless their hatch (South Padre Island)

  2. OMG I live near I go to seaside high and live in marina

  3. This guy on team valor and had a 87 weedles in a gym I kept beating it and the dude put the weedle up again troll

  4. Pokemon go to the polls

  5. I dont really like new update

  6. When you"re watching him take down one of your gyms. ???

  7. at 8:03 there was a omanyte

  8. You seem to be under the impression that Dragonite is a fire type …

    He's not.

  9. My name is Gavin too!!!!!!

  10. golems are super effective against water types! great job.

  11. How did he get all that star dust?

  12. Damn your Pokemon fucking suck and you're level 22, you evolved way too fast

  13. I had a pikachu nest before but then it got removed … ?

  14. does he not know dragonites isnt fire type

  15. CQOTD: Will you ever make a BlackThunderHWD account for Clash Royale

  16. Team mystic?!?!? I can't believe it! I only know 2 youtubers who are team mystic!!! Thank you!!! Your on my team!!!

  17. notice that his car seat has an ekans on it lel

  18. Did anyone else catch him say "10k Gyarados" when it's 1k? LOL

  19. Sucks balls

  20. Nice you're at Monterrey

  21. TRUMP 2016

  22. @MYSTLC7-Clash Of Clans who are u voting for president???


  23. I'm almost level 19 and and I caught a wild Charizard and how is it only going to be a freaking 776

  24. what is pokevision?

  25. what was the three step glitch?

  26. rock is strong vs water your a fucken noob

  27. R.I.P vaporeon

  28. Ive quit already.

  29. omg your Pokemons names are so f**** funny

  30. pretty much everything you said I agree with

  31. Please release pokemon go globally

  32. There are so many other hacks why quit

  33. heh ancient power. BANG!

  34. you get poke coins

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  36. 7:15 "…because I don't know if people can fight dragons"
    You do know Dragonite is a dragon type right? Like as in the one you just fought?

  37. @MYSTLC7 where did you get that Cali hoodie bro?

  38. What happens if your placing a pokemon at a gym?

  39. Team Valor where you at?

  40. i love your pokemon names lol

  41. Learn type effectiveness before you start acting like you know everything…

  42. Oh

  43. Pssht, this game takes no skill…. play 'Uber' class on Pokémon Showdown.

  44. if they put Pokevision back up they will bring back players