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  1. I had this glitch happen in an attack on my base last war….couldn’t figure it out

  2. Yep…happened to me on a raid

  3. Maybe the wall wrecker was stuck on a pile of debris.

  4. Maybe its because of that lvl 11 wall..Or its bug..Not happend to me nor to our clanmates..Rare bug…hmmmmm

  5. Happened to me as well, in same situation attacking with it from 6 o’clock

  6. did you see that 1 peice of level 11 wall was not broken n it stay there under the wall wrecker nd that's why the can't go ahead.all wheels were in the air..please check video again buddy πŸ˜‰

  7. This happened to me last war smh was running a falcon all my valks and bowlers run threw and my siege got stuck on the second wall it broke past was like seriously πŸ˜‘ failed that hit in war yesterday cause of it

  8. Sir plzzz upload th 9 and 10 base layouts vdoπŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡

  9. It's like another queen..why should queen have all the fun on walls πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  10. Looks like it got stuck in that piece of wall that didn't break.

  11. Echo look closely there's a wall it doesn't destroy and it gets suck on it

  12. Yes same thing with a clanmate. Same issue but never made it to first wall. He set it and it never moved.

  13. Clash Tutor posted a video on twitter like 3 days ago about that. Definitely a glitch

  14. Most clans in the current meta lack siege machine to effort…so th10 ,11 can't enjoy on it…. I wish if th11 could unlock that Pandora box in a meagre extend since we all know th12 has great potential to upgrade it own town hall as a defense.. It's my opinion .. Thanks!! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ for ur work..great hrss….

  15. Not the only bug with it. Has ruined 11vs11 when it showed battle ram but wasn't there when attacked.

  16. I had my Battle ram run through the Townhall then it got Stuck I had to Pop it to get my bowlers out

  17. Never seen that glitch yet. Fantastic idea with the swamp trap for the wall wrecker πŸ‘Œ

  18. No the wallwrecker didn't destroy one of the walls, so on the edge of the siege was stuck. Wallwrecker is 3 spacing and the wallwrecker hits with the middle of the machine not the edges so like I said the wallwrecker on the side got stuck cause

  19. Had the same happen to me couple wars ago.

  20. An underground defense. Like a big worm. Must’ve grabbed it.
    Reminds me of tremors.

  21. This glitch made us fail 2 3 stars. 😑

  22. Happened to me today also, lucky me it happened on farming attack and not in war attack..

  23. Great video! Loved it btw will you ever do something in base designs on different town halls?

  24. Ive have it get stuck on the outter edge twice.. i think there was some mud lol

  25. one wall remain in the front of siege machine

  26. i know whats the problem

  27. Happened to me in a friendly challenge it got stuck on a birthday cake before it even made it to the first wall

  28. My siege got stuck on a tree once

  29. I’ve seen this happen during our last war as well

  30. It just happened to me also…. right after seeing your video 😨😨😨😨…it got stuck on the pink wall. I THINK ITS HAPPENING BECAUSE OF THE DROPPING ANGLE!!!

  31. That air one is useless wall wrecker Rocks

  32. This also happened in one of our war attacks to wars ago. Also our last war only 1/2 of the troops in the machine came out


  34. checkout my channel guyss

  35. A Hot oil trap which archers can shoot arrows of fire would be ultra cool πŸ‘ setting slick ablaze & burning everything in contact

  36. Echo please try loon minion and 3witches I am trying it out myself I don't know if I is a good combo. But I like to see you use it