WAR OVERKILL! – Clash of Clans – Town Hall 9 VS Maxed Valkyries!

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  1. i want to join his clan but i don't have 4100 trophies

  2. Wite does the HWD mean Hard White Dick?

  3. CQOTD: What kind of drone do you have? I see it one your snapchat story and it looks pretty fucking cool. <3

  4. CQOTD. Where do you see yourself in the gaming/YouTube world one year from now?

  5. yes keep on doing them

  6. Wite you should do more videos on your mini i enjoy seeing them

  7. CQOTD: do you think that supercell will release a new big update because cam left supercell

  8. CQOTD: Hey mystic have you heard of Mastermind's Daily/Weekly/Monthly Quests Idea? If not I really recommend giving it a read; great idea that would completely change the game for the better.

  9. coleson and wite are so alike
    both are my favourite??

  10. Samantha said you had an achievement ! What was it?

  11. you r great bro

  12. The only person who still make Coc vids LOVE YOUUUUUU

  13. CQOTD you think you will have the same reason to quit coc like Coleson and cam?? if u ever do

  14. MORE WAR!

  15. I'm in prep day in my war right now…its been a while

    My mirror us a TH5 (I'm an almost maxed TH7) one above me is a rushed TH6

    War matchmaking is going to shit

  16. What app do you have to have to get only the screen recorder plz tell me?

  17. CQOTD: Would you ever consider playing sports games like NBA2K,MADDEN,FIFA( ETC…)

  18. people if u want to make clan tell me on my chanel and we will

  19. CQOTD: If you were to make a gaming channel about one game what game Would it be and why?

  20. I'm still uploading Clash of Clans videos every other day cuz I want the reputation for CoC to stay alive as long as possible

  21. hehe you crazy man.you are doing Bulling on TH 9.???

  22. CQOTD: What is that damn notification for an achievement you have that's been there for the past few videos ?

  23. CQOD: will you be doing more funny moments with Xbox 1 games like Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 and gta and others

  24. Cam will do coc on Thursdays but coc really sucks n is dead!

  25. Did anyone sub to clashing with hue? Lol

  26. +Cam Sucks at Gaming haha ?

  27. Man fuck the bowler how ever tf you spell it man tf they only care about top the but not th8 and below I'm a th8 I still have a long way to go but coc is getting fucked up

  28. CQOTD: How would you feel if the Valkries get nerfed

  29. You use the same background music as slogoman and I don't think it fits your vids.


  31. CQOTD: Do u think CoC next update should have in ur attack the troops that dint die should be in your army camp still ?

  32. More clan wars

  33. CQOTD: what do you think or do you have any ideas that can revive/make coc interesting and fun again? love ur vids bro, no homo

  34. His loot can upgrade my whole base