War Whales v OneHive Invicta (Th9 tripling th10!!!)

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  1. Hello snip . Happy new year. Do u have a line Id? thanks

  2. This is how OP are loons these days. Still historic raid.

  3. Thumbs down…

  4. 5:13 If you could actually bring 7 hastes and 5 heals that'd be too OP lol

  5. why do u laugh so much on ur own commentary? reminds me of galadon…

  6. Good video!

  7. meanwhile im struggling against 9.5s…

  8. Snip son what do you go voice over/record with?

  9. Awesome attack by Jepyr. ..gonna share this video with all my clan mates. …great work on your channel Snip, am a subscriber btw!

    If you find the time do check out my channel Bleed S.C.X and give me some tips. Peace out✌

  10. love your videos man great content. on that note I understand it's a "joke" about the anti bowlers comments but if a troops makes things way to easy to triple why do you require max hero's to join? 30/30 hero's makes things super easy so why not boycott max hero's??

  11. It's quite hard with how you guys pronounce but it's pronounced sort of like a-knee-shh instead of uh-knish

  12. That swag king raid also had lvl 2 infernoes, so that combined w/ lvl 7 AD may have made it a tad easier to triple.

  13. yea I did 9v10 triple with 84k warweight I think but the design was obviously not closely as good as the base which Jim wrecked.

  14. https://twitter.com/ShardsBD/status/814476390229803009

    Yay Snip!!

  15. Mistake in the title?

  16. the th9v10 was badass

  17. Rip my base, was fun war to be part off even tho I sucked ?

  18. RIP Hinkraka ?

  19. ??

  20. 7 hastes n 5 heals. ??

  21. I like how you managed to misspell Invicta two different ways in the title and description

  22. invicta* tho

  23. for the first time

  24. frist