Was PowerBang Taken Down? | Amazing 3 Star Attacks TH10 | TH10 Attack Strategy 2017 | COC

  1. stop using clickbaits dickhead

  2. hi bro give me your phone number

  3. The question is….Did powerbang actually get taken down??? 😉 Good content as always.

  4. Good attacks but it was definitely click bait

  5. I'm sure you are against powerbang instead of supporting each other as a good YouTubers. Nice attack though

  6. Bhanchod

  7. Using another man's name for clickbait.. shame. Nice attack tho halo. Still… Shame

  8. Solid Hits Halo. you made it look so easy

  9. Your videos are just the best hands down. No other youtuber comes close. Keep it up.

  10. Yeah I noticed you were still in TI

  11. Only mention it cause it's not your style

  12. Another awesome vid halo. The title was a little missleading though bud

  13. Note: Yes, this is an older video I made and just now posting…still beautiful attacks!