WE FINALLY DID IT! – Clash of Clans – MAXED OUT GRAND WARDEN! + Pushing to Top 200 #2

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  1. CQOTD:When do you think buildings that are constructed using dark elixir will come and what will they be like?(like a defence that hits only miners)

  2. CQOTD: Will you ever make clan trolling videos again??

  3. Why is your game in gibberish

  4. Did anyone else notice that the first base he attacked didn't have infernos!????

  5. What is your second language?

  6. i pressed this video with my nose oh hell yeah

  7. ok lol nvm

  8. +MYSTIC7 Plays why is it in a different language

  9. Railroad succeed vote scan

  10. Why the fuck is your coc in russian

  11. yeah finally coc

  12. yeah finally coc

  13. CQOTD: have you gotten your golden play button

  14. Mystic 7 u hqve betrayed the game that mad u… U said u would give us more content yet youre more worried about pokemon.. when will u start play coc more

  15. lol


  17. Whats up with the norsk language appearing in coc?

  18. y is your game is spanish

  19. GAYYYY!!!

  20. CQOTD why did you join this clan instead of daddy's darlings

  21. saw u on us too 200 so cool

  22. more coc videos

  23. My nam e is Will in clash

  24. PLEASE let me in clan lower trophies down to 1,200 If you can

  25. YES 16th LIKE

  26. Really?

  27. mystic where did you have your language setting a different country

  28. mystic where did you have your language setting a different country

  29. Upgrad traps

  30. vlog more

  31. Rent there recovery involve ethical endorse.

  32. 1:40 "This minion might be able to get the town hall!" minion gets sniped

  33. Why is it Spanish

  34. finally a coc vid

  35. what language is your clash of clans set to im gonna guess german

  36. Y was it in a different language

  37. Lol what language was that

  38. Why's his words in a different language

  39. Can you please give me an idea on how to fix my rushed base

  40. Why don't you ever drop your eq on full collectors?

  41. CQOTD:Do u think that u will be able to use dark to upgrade walls and u are the best youtuber❤

  42. CQOTD: will u do a lets play of clash of clans like pat did? Love your vids. Glad to see u doing coc again

  43. where are you from?

  44. Craft laser missile enforcement

  45. CQOTD : Thoughts on the friendly clan challengs?

  46. Are you norwegian? or is it just to get other matches?

  47. division democracy lead earth pole muscle

  48. man u suck.. general tony is way better than uh n does uploads videos at daily basis so i would recommend u guys to subscribe him!

  49. Are you from Norway