WEIRD Raiding on Saturday | Clash of Clans with Daddy and Sidekick | Golem Valk and Wizards in CoC

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  1. Very nice 🙂 Even though JeSuisCharlie is a little bit overhyped.

  2. Its windy here in Oxford too. Great vid and.loving the kiwi xD

  3. 1st commenter and 4th viewer, PROUD TO BE HERE!

  4. Hey daddy, great video. JeSuisCharlie. God bless

  5. I im not sidekick tomorrow ill jump off my bed and end my suffering 

  6. Don’t worry Daddy i couldn’t see the infernos either

  7. Any small clans that might want to merge into us? If so, reply with your
    clan name. ?

  8. I’m in lp6 clearly confused visits they are AWSOME

  9. Hey im new here. who is charlie. theres a cross next to her/his name. Is
    that person dead or what. Sorry again im new here. ( im talking about
    daddy’s base)

  10. Daddy I think what you are doing is awesome because it makes people want to
    be positive and helpful to each other 

  11. Think you made a mistake with the Charlie thing, not a good idea. Stick to

  12. best. dad. ever.

  13. Je ne suis pas CHARLIE
    Je suis la Palestine qui se fait voler..
    Je suis la Syrie qui se fait bombarder..
    Je suis l’Afrique qui meurt de faim et de massacre
    Mais je suis pas l’islamophobe Charlie qui a insulte ma religion , mon
    livre sacre et insulte mon prophete

  14. 265th view and 55comment

  15. A dyslexic man walks into a bra….

  16. Yay :)

  17. Another amazing video good joba and keep up the great work

  18. Great video Daddy. Awesome entertainment for my Saturday!

  19. I’m confused about the whole sidekick thing. But I think your videos are

  20. #JeSuisCharlie

  21. i think you would be a super cool dad to have, i mean you are daddy :)

  22. Daddy i really think the sidekick of the week banner should be either down
    the bottom or at the top, having it at the side is really weird, maybe bcos
    it isn’t on both sides, anyone else agree?

  23. Nero liked my channel, its not good like this one. Daddy rules
    come visit our clan please

  24. Whats your Intro Song???