WE’RE STILL REALLY DOING THIS! ▶️ Clash of Clans ◀️ (The Event of a LIFETIME)

  1. Yo

  2. Poor Beak, this clan games doesn't have a book of heroes

  3. Hey bro sorry to say that
    There is no book of heroes this clan games??


  5. Beakkk… There aren't any books in the new clan games ?

  6. RIP cant be done

  7. no hero book this time

  8. God damn did he just call the double cannon a N***ER? because TriHard is a black guys face in twitch

  9. Love you Beak! Love you LuLu!! What mic do you use bro???

  10. Beak i hate to break this to you but there is no option to get a book of heros this clan games so your double upgrade wount be possible :/

  11. Beak! You can't get another hero book, just an upgrade book. BUT the upgrade book can do the same thing, so you're fine.

  12. I feel sorry for u beak no book of heroes in this clan games

  13. There is no book of heroes in the clangames…

  14. Do a q&a video with Lulu ?

  15. he got trolled by the game

  16. i'll always support ur vids love u beak….

  17. 9hrsagoaye Hai Beak!

  18. Sad news there is no book of heros …

  19. y not buying infernos?

  20. supercell heard what you wanted to do and sh*t happened

  21. Later he realizes that the clan games don't have the book for heroes 😛

  22. The moment when supercell don't drop a book of heroes…

  23. Mission abort

  24. They don't have book of heroes this time ??

  25. I just want too see his reaction when he sees that the book is not in rewards

  26. haha i love how he did a serie on this and now u can't even get the damm book

    i feel kinda bad

  27. Can somebody join your Clan??

  28. Hi

  29. I want to be in your clan but not a lot of a trophies

  30. Beaker r u french btw 1 2 3 4 5 in order is un deux trois quart cinq

  31. I'm bilingual French / English, four and five are quattre and cinq

  32. Beak we all wanna see you do a livestream

  33. hey bro

  34. Lost all respect after requesting to join your clan was rejected and banned…banned I didn’t even get chance to join haha pathetic attitude. Been watching you 2 years man not 1 more minute shall I waste on your videos. Peace. ?

  35. When is drak elixir at left side of base ,you push in right side.

  36. Can you give me your id my gmail

  37. Beakers skills will increase ten told once he finally has a level 40 queen. Going to be awhile though