Where is Clash of Clans?

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  1. Much love to the entire Banger Nation, I love you guys! Still need regular CoC content? Check out these guys out!

    Judo Sloth: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC85aYbNSFjsJdxfpxgQr8tA
    Clash Bashing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJBboGVe7LDwNuQ02L4zmbQ
    Cleric Dragoon: https://www.youtube.com/user/CLERICDRAG00N
    EchoThruMe: https://www.youtube.com/user/SteamFirstBlog
    OneHive Gazette: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI5lhIehcspmAVtHBlxK2Cg

  2. thers something called towen hall 12

  3. Respect your decision, and then supercell introduces town hall 12 and tons of new content and a new meta after you leave it, bad timing?

  4. I started following you because of COC it is the only mobile game I play really. I can honestly say you will be missed on the COC scene, I've enjoyed your content.

  5. Appreciate your decision man! Coc is getting a bit stale for me as well,.

  6. Are you coming back to coc?

  7. that's why i subbed to you , honestly is everything ,, Keep going what ever the game you're playing

  8. Much respect PB, and I understand. Do you feel differently after this impending update? Nixing engineered bases, looks like.

  9. 🖒

  10. There are several reasons why I am going to un-subscribe, I'll get into those reasons later.  But first, I really want to say that I have…  and blah.  and blah.  and blah

  11. plz make coc video th12 coming

  12. I see your side entirely. Not a PUBG player, but I still enjoy your content! With the coming balance changes and TH12 releasing, I'm hoping a little CoC sneaks in now and then. Thanks for the hours upon hours of entertainment PB.

  13. fuck u r Clash of Clans

  14. Respect ur decision!!

  15. Bro th12 is coming come back on coc

  16. How can I came to know which attack is suitable for base

  17. We are who we are, and who we are is who we're going to be.

  18. Used to watch your content back in the days When COC was blowing up, Almost lost and forgot about you it's been 3 and half years of leaving CoC. But thanks to PUBG Mobile Found you Again😁😁. Just A week ago Found your channel again while searching for PUBG Mobile content on You Tube. 😁

  19. Hey, just wondering what you think about fort nite ????

  20. You quit clash after the new th12 update lol 😂😂😂 unlucky….

  21. I respect and agree with your decision. Rock on bro!

  22. If we can play pubg in mobile then why in world i play coc

  23. Does TH12 change your mind at all?

  24. A week after you put this out they drop th12 lol

  25. PB, I miss new videos but understand why you’re going in the direction you are. Although I still play regularly clash is very stale… maybe I’ll join you on a new adventure. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do!

  26. Such an honour of being a small part of the Banger Nation! Allthough I only play Clash Of Clans, I respect your decision and treasure in my heart the KNOWLEDGE you shared with us. You are inspiring to me in the sense that I try to be the Leader my people deserve and to be up to the challenge in war and in regular gameplay (for my Clan and with them). From Argentina, much love!

  27. Wow I watched the whole video sc is heartless

  28. Come back for th12

  29. What about brawl stars it's completely gone

  30. Love to hear a youtuber address the coc is dead cliccbait fad. That shit is so annoying and disrespectful to the game that helped them build an audience. Love you PB.

  31. Yeah, but now TH12. Too little too late?

  32. I see most clashers are indians. But why super cell ignoring indian players… hmmm

  33. I'm unsubscribed galadon gaming

  34. You're doing great. Keep up the googd work.Thanks For all the pubg info. You rock

  35. Fuck man give me your clan bitches WHF ill deal with your clan very well🖕

  36. Even though I was only town hall 7, I already quit long time ago.

  37. love that you got all that out there, great comments. I always believe that outside of adding troops, it is hard to fix an old code base that was designed one way, and you realize it is a new world you didn't think about (serious players, competition, etc).

  38. No offense powerbang but they haven’t added troops because it would ruin the game?

  39. I respect your decision to stop making clash videos. However, I am confused by your discussion of esports/competitive games. It seems to me that you are primarily a mobile gamer. To expect difficult execution or a high skill ceiling in mobile games is pretty ridiculous tbh. Even PUBG for PC is not worthy of esports or competitive play. There is way too much RNG, not high enough of a skill ceiling, and it’s extremely boring to watch. Battle Royale is terrible for esports. The way it is designed makes it so.

    If you want to get into competitive games, play street fighter 4. Or counter-strike. Or Tekken 7. Or Dota 2. Or Guilty Gear. PUBG does not come to mind at all when thinking of competitive games.