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  1. what app do u use for voice chat ?

  2. More of this please!

  3. what you guys using for de farming at th10 mass miner isn't cutting it for me

  4. hey pb .. just got a brand new th9 attack strategy.. u wud find it interesting..let me know

  5. More please

  6. is the game still doing well? don't see its popularity among YouTube's these days compared to like an year ago. Move over permanent ban has done more harm than good. Are permanent bans worth it or just war bans could have sufficed? What do you guys think? Why farm / invest big bucks just to have your record completely wiped out? And why play it again? (# doesn't support using third party apps but am i wrong?)

  7. app name pls

  8. Don't you think there must be lvl 5 healer upgrade for TH 10 and 11? It can provide more balancing

  9. Guys can anyone tell me a best farming strategy for new th9??

  10. i seriously wanna join their clan but my heroes are 38combined , i m leader already but will leave my lvl6 active clan for WHF no one plan like this in my clan , and when i do air attacks on th9 the thinks that i m playing for fun, i wish i ll get an opportunty

  11. Hey powerbang which screen recorder are you using?

  12. cool!!!

  13. More like this, Please do a playlist of these videos, I love it

  14. This is not fp

  15. PB, did you notice the bug at the end of the raid? On the 3 stars screen, it shows 2 max poison spells used, and Dan had one lvl3 and one lvl4 poison spell

  16. More of this PB!

  17. Where do you go to report a clan that is cheating or moding

  18. This video was the best in a while! we always watch these guys attack but never actually hear them, which was awesome for a change! well done

  19. great job to dan awesome attack love the communication and planning and as always great video pb

  20. It's a cool video. Just wish I was a max th9. Instead of a max th10 hitting max th10 and th11's.

  21. I want you to post clash royale videos on Sunday,it will help in your channel growth.
    (it is your choice)

  22. how about 3 skeleton spells kill both the Queen and the archer tower.
    then attack with one golem from the town hall side to destroy the air defense.
    Laloon the rest.

  23. Great video. Hope to see more of these in the future.

  24. what are the lowest hero lvl is allowed in your WHF clan? I am a th9 with only 10/10 heros, but i have over 1100 war stars.

  25. India Flag Always Waves And Will Wave For Ever… Indians Like!!!

  26. awesome new series I hope. Was listening to Make on Ash and his one big tip was to try to be different if you want to make it on you tube. This is different and new, I will be waiting for the next one. Keep up the great work

  27. where is axe pb episodes?

  28. awesome attack bro… hope to see more of such attacks and videos

  29. Loved it!

  30. Please do more of these man, love it

  31. awesome attack n planning.

  32. This was great! Definitely make this a regular thing, maybe with more than one attack consecutively.

  33. you got new sub???

  34. awesome attack i liked it dude??????

  35. please continue this series.. I love hearing pros planning their attacks