WHF vs HANOI – War Recap #142

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  1. great video ❤ , especially the sleeping part ??

  2. Hey PB's stream

  3. PB, thank you very much for these war recaps! I learn a lot from them!

  4. Thank you so much for your commitment to giving us good content even at 4 am! I never would be able to do it.

  5. nice vids man, hope you like that bowler and new valkyrie level, pretty sweet stuff for war

  6. Come hunt us PB ;)

  7. Hay pb any more th10 3* guides?

  8. MAN, love watching your daily videos, BUT You need to take care of yourself, get that sufficient sleep or your health will suffer greatly appreciate your work. stay healthy

  9. hey guys…made a clan named as HHF Rising this is hog instead of wizard…hey pb am I allowed to continue this clan..if you say I'll remove it..sorry

  10. PB, can you please stop decimating clans that are named after my native country's capital ?

  11. whats happening guys its what up guys :D

  12. Hey Powerbang, what is your vision/opinion on the bowler?

  13. I was hoping reddy would raid me at drunken dragons :(

  14. i thought its that ha.noi

  15. PB where is Above & Beyond's war replays.? since you smashed their 9.5 with live YT feed, I'm eagerly waiting for full coverage.! what happened.? why didn't you post that wars replays.?


  17. damn im early

  18. PB big fan of the channel but I wish I could see some war attacks with the quad quake GoHo. Ive been using the strategy since your "quad quake GoHo" video was made and my heroes are still only 13. It's almost as if your channel has gone to college and I'm still in high school. Just wanted to speak on behalf of any low level hero th9 guys. Regardless, great attacks, I still watch them all.

  19. 96th view 111

  20. I thought you were going to bed after you finished the live stream?

  21. clear those 9s guys..getting even tougher from tomorrow ☺☺☺

  22. Great PB

  23. 2nd like whoooooh

  24. wooh first veiw man

  25. First view pb