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  1. Power bang ur videos r great but they r just too long 24 mins!!!

  2. Didn't OH separate from 2.0 because they allow modding?

  3. Hey PB, in our current war there are a couple forum bases, two of which are the same and one's I've seen more than just this time. So if you want to hop over to my clan and do a th9 3-star vault, I would love it. The bases were queen walk quad-quake goho'd by me, and the other is just a straight laloon with a cc lure, both 3 stars. I'd say the queen walk would be better for WHF's higher level play, it was a fairly good leveled base. So just let me know, or just come over. Clan name: 69 Ounces Clan Tag: #999RG2PU thanks man

  4. I need to start attacking drunk…

  5. i hope u record all, i repeat, all, of your clan atack, and upload it somewhere dropbox, mega, or etc, in 480p quality, so we can download it and play it with fully enjoyment.. such an art you guys doing there.. winning or loosing is not a problem, the process is what important.. ;-)

  6. Great vid as always PB! Keep up the good work!

  7. Haha so glad you included that bit about me state during my attack. Thanks as always for the feature.
    – SGP

  8. Powerbang you are the BAWSSS!!!! i been following your channel since about 20k subscribers and i love how you just keep getting better and better. You are a natural. I look forward to seeing you on 1 million well deserved subs. Best YouTuber by far!!!

  9. QC for president.

  10. With the new balancing changes do you think queen walks will be used less and govaho/govalo will be used more?

  11. Much respect to both clans! Thanks PB

  12. that commentary tho LOL

  13. Thanks for bringing a great war PB! Had a lot of fun. Whf is a great clan and Diego is a beast. Rip Torn 2.0

  14. balance is back!!

  15. "Wilson make this base… His… Yea can't say that" lmao. Keep up the great work PB. ?:-)<3

  16. Show us some th11/th10 attacks ! :)

  17. Will they surpass 72-10 Chicago Bulls?

  18. Th 9 is back with the new update. No more 3 stars with GoWiPe. Fuck those who ignore valkyries. I'm glad SC put level 6 goblins in th 9.

  19. Lol I thought PB had a jar of pickles xD).
    Just some Ice Tea though

  20. Sag way "Heeeaah" ??

  21. Good war, DannyMo with a cool attack, well done! Hope you guys are well!

  22. Hey Powerbang. I'm a fairly new subscriber as I now recognise you as the best and most helpful war YouTuber. I would love to see an updated base design video as I'm pretty sure the last one was around a year ago and the game has changed so much since then. Is it at all possible to have an offset queen and ADs without so being extremely vulnerable so one form of dragon attack or another in the current state of the game? Keep up the great work!
    IrvineGray, th8.5 from Aureus Planeta.

  23. Your videos are so great! Keep up the good work.

  24. nice video bro

  25. WTF mouthpiece74 has a lvl 5 mortar… With everything else maxed???

  26. onehive 2.0 rocks, onehive sucks. they got 8 streak lose lol

  27. PB! True Fairplay leader, awesome video man, utmost respect for onehive 2.0 beating WHF. 100% positive and quality as per usual.

    hitting the like button :)

  28. Jokes