WHITE WALLS in WAR – House of Clouds vs Vietnam – HOPPER SQUAD – Dragon 3 Star OMG

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  1. One account you give me ! What u will do with all these sir! Please!

  2. Why u speak large no of of words fucking fucking. If anyone by chance fucked u in dreams then stupid I will bet u you will get copyright strike

  3. bro need ur help my phone ***ed up I need account

  4. You are the fucking player of the season ????

  5. If Dr had kept the th in middle or any other nice place he might taken only 2*

  6. Upgrading all those walls to lvl 12

    End up getting 3 starred by Air RIP

  7. WA to safe lava pops. Beasts move

  8. battle day will starts in 10 hours

  9. gooooodddd

  10. Upload the latest war attacks on ITD

  11. Rock OP offense and defense ?

  12. BOOOM! B*T***S lol

  13. Nice vid ed !

  14. Dr Mujtaba seems to be the only one with all white walls

  15. He could donate to cherrity

  16. I'm noob :((