WHO is ‘THE BEST’?! Clash of Clans ALL-STARS Builder Hall Tournament!

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  1. Hello you are awesome

  2. So looking forward to grinding level 8 walls.  Let's see level 7 is 2M so it takes 4 days for 1 wall.  Wow.

  3. Pffffft Galadon you are obviously the best…. gemmer 🙂

  4. The top 200 trophy pushers usually don’t use both bases and are th 8 on the normal base

  5. I'm the best

    If you give me 100k gems

  6. I hate clash both royale and clans
    Clans not so much but i hate the builders base

  7. Hey now, your an all star! Get your game on go play!

  8. Is it today

  9. Sir i Do Fastest Attack in Builder Base 47sec Will You Make A Video on My Fastest Attack

  10. Nice ?

  11. Any Indian bh pusher

  12. Lol

  13. Just love it ?

  14. Lol I 3 stared a maxed bh7 in 30sec

  15. Je fait des vidéos coc en fr venez faire un tour come look m’y chain i make this just for fun

  16. Can't like if I'm watching in 2810
    thinking face meme

  17. Jason legacy is a noob attacker???????

  18. Hi galadon

  19. Galadon how to participate

  20. Meee good boy

  21. Hey sir

  22. I can't get over 3800 cups! Give me tips

  23. So many views allready

  24. Galadon I have Card Concept I Want to send you but I don't have twitter is something that's not twitter that I can use?

  25. 1…

    110th viewer

  26. Yo yo yo when are you going to do a videos for probably the new troop update

  27. 99th view
    15th comment

  28. Hey Galadon how to join forum

  29. I am a co leader of Animators. ..top3 clan… And none of us know about this?? ??also those names are old topper u should check the new top list

  30. Gala my boyfriend ❤❤

  31. when is made my own troop?

  32. Best Coc Youtuber…Love you Galadon ?

  33. hey

  34. Thanks for this vid.

  35. Keep going

  36. Hi