Who´s the most skillful attacker of Quantum´s 8.9? #2 TH9 TITAN attacks TH11 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Gibt es mal wieder einen Subscriber cw mit exwas loweren spieler

  2. tobi, why u don't speak in your videos? if u make that your channel will grown-up much faster, u have a awesome contain ?
    keep going bro!

  3. rh11 angriffe 😮 schönes video tobi 🙂 kannst du mir sagen, was man für quantum's 8.9 braucht? bin rh9 auf 3900 mit 650+ kriegs sternen und möchte gerne joinen wenn ich titan schaffe

  4. Nice Video, hab heute mit rh8 Titan erreicht ❤️

  5. Nice :DDDD

  6. now i have 4495 TR at th 9 its really difficult push to 4700 TR

  7. これはうまいwww

  8. i tried pushing, got realli bored when i reached this stage /:


  10. Hey bosshaftertobi one of your clan mates attacked me his name is roan and my name on coc is johnny11 clan FOOd FIGHTERS and I wanna reavenge him back to get my cups back so tell me when he gets off.

  11. i gave him a good score for the balls he has attacking ths11 xD

  12. ❤

  13. everyone know,… YOU are the most skillfuller of quantum's 8.9

  14. great video as always Tobi! ?? you better do a spotlight on me soon ??

  15. I've been looking forward to this all week

  16. coooooool lol

  17. music? ?

  18. Keep it up! xD

  19. 1