Why vnCri so Much??? 3 Stars With Bowler + Lavaloon – InTheDark vs V.N. Champion Part 2/3

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  1. yea but am a almost max th8

  2. You need CT

  3. Was my previous comment from your video the sole reason for you writing "vnCri" as a word in your title?
    I am not from V.N. Champions, so I'm sorry to V.N. members who watched this video. I was just never a fan of InTheDark, so I put negative comments. :D

  4. Ed i want to join i pm on line but no one replied me

  5. Why would they do the same base twice? easy 6 stars. Were they just kidding?

  6. wtf theirs bases are shit of vnc

  7. should I push for trophies what strategy should I use

  8. Ed,what would you recommend for th10 against th11?

  9. ed what troops should I use to get loot am a th8 btw

  10. Quit beggin for patreon members

  11. Skitz in end was rocking, awsome ..

  12. TWC=ArtofWar^ No TWC=V.N Family

  13. wooh.first comment.try ed