WIN WITH ALL BOMBERS? | Clash of Clans | Troll Bomber Attack Strategy How to

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  1. i lest clash of clans for a whole year cause i was in class 12th (i wanted to focus on my studies) but i downloaded it again when the builder base update came out

  2. that base just became our base

  3. fuck you

  4. Is anyone at BH5 at 1400 trophies? No? Just me?

  5. What
    No TH8's?

  6. I did

  7. epic fail

  8. Bombing jokes intensifies

  9. "Hey Guys, it's time to clash with cancer"

  10. Well "gosh dude"

  11. Will see you sir should be live battles when u are going against someone

  12. I did come. Back to normal base

  13. Cam the type of guy to join ISIS and train bombers

  14. Cam I quit Cash of clans Because Is boring An The night village Came Out and Now I am Playing and The old village

  15. Why all bomber kills wall


  17. Guys see the 2nd battle …hes opponent our clan leader hahaha

  18. Yeah, havent played in forever, then Update came out and its like the only game i play on my phone now

  19. i swear i raided that bade

  20. do a viedo using only drop ships

  21. LOL 69%

  22. Alluh ackbar

  23. u shouldve put allah akbar sound

  24. its called wallbreakers

  25. I love you Cam

  26. honestly you cant rush in BH because it's all about trophy pushing like clash royale, so if you upgrade to BH5 even with not all max I think it is fine

  27. Nope coc sucks

  28. When did aliens arive?

  29. Ahhh crud, can't join if I don't have lvl 20 heroes at TH9.

  30. We want clan wars

  31. this is bullshit, im getting bh5 every time while im bh4
    I mean, ofc, u could win, just like cam does, but the thing u dont notice is that cam gemmed his troops, and i didnt, so i liturally have 0% chance to win against them up… i used to be at 2500, now im 2000 coz of this shiet
    how is this fair??? fix this shit pls, idk about lootcap and 1 builder, this is the main problem in this shitty game…
    Nice video anyways.

  32. I came back when the builder village update came

  33. Cam, the type of guy to fail an attack and blame it on the troops

  34. Hey Cam i have a builder base level 4 that hasnt been 3 starred since i built it and its been like more than 2 weeks already