Witch Slap/ Walk (New) : 10 WITCHES TH9 BEST 3 STAR WAR ATTACK STRATEGY 2017 (Easy) | Clash of clans

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    Thanks to jason for volunteering.

  2. Hey Cruzer I love your videos because I get a lot to learn from them and I recommend all of my friends to subscribe your channel. please keep up the good work.

    I just wanted to ask that can you please tell me the troop combo without bowlers as I don't have bowler donators in my clan.

  3. My troops are not that so strong witch lvl1 golam2 wiz6 heelar3 so can u plz suggest me a strategy

  4. u r the best youtuber i have ever seen

  5. excellent

  6. Cruz search th9 Timkawanlama lvl 3 clan u can't join now cause we have event om 28th 50 v 50 so clan will be full pls contact me on line app id imdeathly10 so I can inform u when u have to join ?

  7. Keep up the good work, i'm loving your videos, and your intros are 10/10, respect! #ClashingWithCruz

  8. Hey cruz do u want to cover our th9 50 vs 50 all max. Base event wars there are so many amazing attacks without th10 troops In cc if yes pls contact me on line app id- imdeathly10 ?

  9. cruz i subscribed all your videos pls show your quick train in nxt video because iam th 9 pls bro

  10. Great video

  11. hi

  12. my Witch is lvl 1?☺

  13. FUNNY

  14. we dont have bowler donators in our clan can i use a different troops in cc?

  15. which screen recorder u use Cruz???

  16. awesome cruz

  17. i am not the 1st viewer ..like for my honesty..

  18. I'm a fire-starter, a twisted fire-starter so I slap my WITCH up

  19. these witches r bitches with multiple love childs

  20. Thx bro for letting us know about this, keep going dude ?

  21. Well nice to.Let us know about this, keep going dude ?

  22. ceuz gaming really crazy you are?