World Best Builder Hall 6 (Bh6) Base With Replay Proof Anti All Troops Anti Witch Anti Everything

  1. Comment Below Which Base Would You Like To See Next?!!

  2. Music 0:000:05

  3. Good base

  4. I 3 starred this base

  5. Base design is cool. And the replies speaks for themselves. However, it seems to me a bit vulnerable to bombers+barbs combo. Specially from the upper part. Am I right?

  6. Nice i like it

  7. Your drama????? ? before gameplay

  8. Been searching forever and I finally found this base I keep finding terrible bases until now

  9. This base got me to 3800 I don't know how to thank you bro

  10. The base was good but I have cut my barberion king statue

  11. Hey Everyone! I am a BH 6 and lie in trophy range of 2200. When I watched this video I also thought that this base is a new concept and might also work for me as well if I try. But when I made this base, I was easily 2 starred everytime. So it's a trash base. Please don't copy this.

  12. IM Maxed of builder base 6 n i also did my base like u

  13. Why that boy destroyed her phone??

  14. NYC base bro???????

  15. Song name

  16. i am the 100th one who gave the like!!!

  17. Nice bace bro. I will try.

  18. Can you tell me your trophy with this base? I really need help!?

  19. Musik?

  20. it's fake i will try

  21. ooooopopoooopo

  22. isso já aconteceu comigo 🙁

  23. This one is best