World of Clash – Live Subscriber Friendly Wars (30min Wars) – Clash of Clans Live Stream Clan War

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  1. 35:27 there I am yesssssss

  2. I also play war

  3. Michael wheñ the builder willl come

  4. Shit missed the stream

  5. wtf

  6. Who else made the exclusive, VIP, limited, awesome stream??

    (Continues to make the people who missed out jealous)

    No more builder abuse, thank god, now it's giants but they were meant to be slaved anymore. I SAY WE SELL THAT BISH TO SLAVERY

  7. lol I love you guys so much

  8. Why did u le ve

  9. And my name on CoC is ~BATMAN~

  10. BTW this was an awesome live stream… u are really super Creative keep it up Brother??

  11. Awesome Stream!! I tried to join but I joined after almost every1 started to leave soooo I just clicked the notification button so the next time u do this I'll be ready I hope

  12. noooooo i mised the stream ):

  13. You totally sanwiched me lmao

  14. when is the war starting..?

  15. when is the war starting..?

  16. Go to my channel to see world of clashes analytics

  17. its totally fine

  18. Lovely

  19. First