World’s Best Clashers Losing! Clash of Clans Attacks Episode 71

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  1. what doomed WHY DOES IT HAPPEN???!!! YOU ****ER

  2. wtf? the second attack, the airdefence destroyed the airbomb

    at 3:53

  3. I never lose. All of my attacks are successful.

  4. wowow

  5. Why did he say back in the bathroom

  6. Awesome Video mate 🙂 . BTW Have Your Base Ever Been Attacked +Clash of
    Clans Attacks ? 😀 😛 

  7. Once i lost 41 trophies.

  8. -37 trophies isn’t that much at all compared to what I lost. I LOST 61

  9. Fake.

  10. The worst ugliest number in coc is 99%

  11. U are an idiot he went for Ur loot not for the stars he could have won easy

  12. One of my first Galadon videos I’ve watched…..old but gold ?

  13. My sis lost 73 trophies

  14. I have loss 39 trophies in gold 3 O.o

  15. Lol no back in the bathroom lol

  16. i dont understand trphies come out of nowhere or are there only 1 amount of
    trophies in the world, like can it be only 1 milion trophies and we need to
    fight for them?

  17. Boring…………..

  18. Wow top players haven’t learned so much. Your supposed to ware off the cc
    troops I would’ve put a golem with some walls and wore off the cc and
    lightning them if he had or just use barb and arch to destroy.

  19. I just fucked, i lose 3 times because miss the next button.. Ahh RAGE

  20. You suck so much ass at videos kys

  21. Are you From Super Cell?

  22. Lol he sounds really weird

  23. I left my base for 7 weeks so eh

  24. He got 328k gold… I wouldnt call that a loss in my book

  25. You forgot to censor 3:42… It was clearly Dracula xP